Workshops and Summer Schools

In addition to the numerous events around the country which the research Ggroup takes part in to publicize the Movement’s initiatives and goals, some bona fide educational events are also planned whose format differs from the adult laboratories

Immersion Workshops

In 2018, as a part of the Fiera Didacta, numerous training workshops were organized on Service Learning, Extended Learning Environments, Situated Learning Episodes, Small Schools as Educational Communities, and Heuristic Dialogues. These workshops welcomed 226 trainee teachers among the various immersion sessions, which were repeated in order to accommodate as many teachers as possible.

Summer Schools

The group takes part in national or regional meetings with those schools that set up a Summer School to offer refresher courses for their teachers.

2017 –  Summer school “Insegnare e apprendere nelle piccole scuole”, Sassello

Researchers, teachers and school administrators from state and private schools interested in the topic of organizing and managing small schools met to update, discuss and network. Indire presented the conceptual map of the sociological and pedagogical themes that emerged from the in-depth research, recalling the key themes emerging from international works. The didactic experiences of teachers working in small schools were shared and two training workshops were held, the first on the extended learning environment and the second on multi-class strategies reflecting on parallel and spiral curriculum experiences.

2018 – Seconda Summer school “Insegnare e apprendere nelle piccole scuole”, Gissi

In the summer of 2018, Indire participated in the Summer School on “Teaching and Learning in Small Schools” organized at Gissi in the province of Chieti, one of the small Italian villages that hosts one of the Movement’s schools sponsored by Indire. Three days dedicated to discussion and reflection on teaching practices, opportunities, updates and the professional development of teachers, entirely dedicated to teachers working in Small Schools. The full schedule included Indire researchers Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione, Giuseppina Cannella, Maeca Garzia, Laura Parigi, Michelle Pieri, Manuela Repetto, Stefania Chipa and Lorenza Orlandini, engaged in workshops and seminars on innovative educational methodologies as well as thematic workshops and sessions for exchange and discussion between experts and participants.

2019 Summer School “La pluriclasse- una risorsa, non un limite”, Torricella Peligna

In the summer of 2019, the research group took part in the Summer School “The multi-age classroom – a resource, not a limit” organized by the Comprehensive Institute of Torricella Peligna (Chieti) and addressed to teachers of the comprehensive institutes of Palena, Castiglione Messer Marino-Carunchio and Quadri. Three days dedicated to educational methodologies in multi-age classrooms. The full schedule saw the Indire researchers Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione, Maeca Garzia Michelle Pieri and Manuela Repetto, engaged in workshops and video clubs on educational situations in different configurations of multi-age classrooms. An opportunity to meet with teachers and school principals designed to overcome the limitations inherent to the context in which small schools operate andofferquality education to students.