Over the years, the research group has welcomed the possibility of sharing with various targets (teachers, managers, associations) both the objectives and the results of the activities and the opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of the Small Schools project for the Italian school context, also by producing scientific publications.

The events were also an opportunity to propose the expected key actions: methodologies and techniques identified to intervene on teaching in situations of isolation and multi-age classrooms, the pedagogic-didactic workshop formula, a register oftutors for the cascading of innovation, on which probe the perception of the main users and compare the positions and solutions investigated.

In the news section, you can find all the events we participated in and the materials that were used.

Constantly updated, the section re-proposes important news from the national press, events of interest throughout the territory, seminars and workshops of the Indire research group, training schedules, thematic publications for small schools and good practices promoted by the Movement’s schools.

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